Kramer Westfield
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Our Unique Offering

Specialist Recruitment Expertise

Most people agree, recruitment is a simple process…. but that’s not to say that it’s easy. So we are not claiming that what we do is that complex – certainly not compared with most ‘professions’. It’s just that like most things, there is no excuse for doing it badly – particularly when the costs of that are significant and often personal.

And that’s why we feel the least you should be expecting of us is expertise, commitment, ethics, professionalism and much more on top.

Our USPs

We own the business

Our skin is entirely in the game and we believe clients benefit from the commitment that brings with it.

We run the business

Your critical hiring requirements will be in the hands of professionals with expertise and gravitas (although we recognise that you will be the judge of that!).

We are the business

The buck stops with us and clients will always know what they are getting.

With over 70+ years combined expertise in recruitment, we have earned the knowledge and the ability to deliver

What Makes Us Special

Commitment. Look, we want to invest time to understand your business and your needs. That means we want to invest your time and ours in getting to a position where we can do a great job for you. If you want to throw us a job spec and go from there, you are probably on the wrong page.

Kramer Westfield has handled a huge range of recruitment challenges and has learned how versatility across functional areas combined with sector expertise can be a huge value to clients. We have a number where we have developed a partnership over many years. Real payback can be achieved when trusted relationships are forged.

So what you get is a company of real experience – 70+ years of understanding clients’ needs